Welcome to Fare Well, a veggie-centric spot for comforting, house-made everyday fare.

From morning coffee to nightcap, from breakfast pastry to after-dinner dessert, from us for you.

We’re more than our bakery case and lunch counter, our classic diner-style service and table seating, our full bar and specialty cocktails.

We’re your neighborhood bakery + diner + bar.


Here at Fare Well, we make you want to eat your veggies!  We take pride in creating our take on traditional comfort food with only and all plant-based ingredients.  Fluffy pancakes, french toast casserole topped with fruit and coconut whipped cream, southern-fried steaks made with chick peas, potato pierogies, burgers, fries, pastas and more.  Made by hand with love from scratch.

Of course, you always have to save room for dessert, right? As two-time champions of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, the team aims to entice you with all things sweet, creating everything you deserve: incredible parties, cakes, pies, cookies, bars, and so much more.

Come in and let us serve you.

Doron Petersan is the chef-owner of Fare Well, overseeing all things edible and operational.

We strive to serve you the most amazing savory and sweet menu complimented by the very best beverage, coffees, & crafted cocktails. We hope to see you soon.


Heartfelt thanks to our Fare Well Founders! We could not have done this without you.

Andrea Adleman
Johanna M Albaugh
Tracy Alberici
Robert Baden
Danielle Bays
Jessica Bellama
Beth L Berman
Andi Jeanne Bernat
Barbara Bloomberg
Virginie D. Bocard
Asuka C Boutcher
Christina D Briseno
Jacqueline Burgart
William C Butler
Kelley A Calvin
Laura A Casperson
Kimberly Coles
Christina Condrey
Erin K Conner
Tina Conway
Livia Cooper
Susan E. Coston
Sarah DeGrandpre
Rick Del Sontro
Emily Diamond-Falk
Noelle C Drewes
Rodney Elin
Carrie Epps
Corey Evans

Marcia H Feldhaus
Ryan Fletcher
Rebecca Frederick
Elissa B. Free
Therese Gierlatowicz
Evan M Gildenblatt
Robert Greenblatt
Dana S Greenwald
Lila M Guterman
Rory L Hall
Sarah Handwerger
Laura Hardwick
Kristen Hartke
Kyle E Hartwell
James K Hickey
Lori Hill
Norman R Hines, SR
Zachary Hollister
Eliza Hughes
Penelope Hughes
Lilian Jarvinen
Katie Jones
Lindsey M Jones
Megan Jones
Joshua Keel
Julie Knauer
Craft Kombucha
Priya Konings
Jodi Kostelnik

Erica Kubersky
Megan Landry
Curtis E Large
Tina Laskaris
Patricia Ledesma Liebana
Katie Lee
Geoffrey Lewis
Terry R Lewis
Jeffrey Light
Jean Link
Lauren Linton
Larry Long
Kimberly M Lowe
Robin Ludt
Michael Markarian
George Maslyar
Victoria Mattiuzzo
Susan M McDonell
Sandra McElhaney
Kelly McFarlane
Kara McIver
Rissa Miller
Dawn Moncrief
Deirdre Mullaly
Elli Nagai-Rothe
Erica N Oleszczuk
Stefanie Ostfeld
Leanna J Papp

Miyun Park
Angela Parrotta
Azita Peters
Doron Petersan
Megan Petersan
James Pittman
Beth Preiss
Pamela B Price
Kathryn Ruttrerer
Kathy Savory
Miyoko Schinner
Andie Schwanz
Stephanie Shain
Rachel L Slezak
Rana Standal
Emily Stanfield
David Gavin Steib
Sydnee Stein
Josh Tetrick
Genaro Urueta
Laura Verduzco
Bruce Wagman
Tisha Washington
Wendy Wetherbee
Christl Wigner
Molly B Wilder
Lisa Yiannakis
Jonathan T Yost
Kathy Zentek

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